About HFX

Our Philosophy
Always customized to meet your specific needs, our solutions are grounded in five core principles.
Data Driven
To be effective in today's business environment, you need to consistently gather, harmonise and analyse the data that’s relevant to you. Helping you do that is our lifeblood.
Performance Focus
We understand that expertise is just a means to an end: improving your company’s performance. That’s why our solutions are focused on driving bottom line growth.
Your strategic DNA
We know a solution only works when it’s aligned with your strategic vision. Our solutions always integrate your know-how and are customized to your specific challenges, ensuring that they are both practical and effective.
Strategic Learning
That which can be measured, can be improved. Our solutions help you streamline and enhance managerial decision-making, driving efficiency in your business operations and freeing you up to focus on more strategic dilemmas.
Best-of-Breed Technology
To help navigate an increasingly-complex landscape, HFX, powered by our team of experts and best-of-breed technology partners, offers world-class, technology-based solutions adapted to your unique requirements, giving you the tools to drive results.
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Today’s business leaders must design, deliver and monitor revenue-driving and cost-cutting strategies under the relentless scrutiny of multiple stakeholders.

To help navigate this complex challenge, HFX’s team of experts offers world-class, technology-supported solutions adapted to your unique requirements, giving you the tools to drive results.


Our Team

Jeremy Lovelace    |    principal

Jeremy, founder of HFX Technologies and business strategy specialist, helps clients grow revenue and cut costs through the application of a systematic, data-driven approach to strategic planning.

He is passionate about helping clients identify monetizable opportunities, and delivering quantified and testable strategic plans that help drive immediate and long-term cost savings and improved ROI on operating and capital budget spend. 

Jeremy has broad consulting and industry experience across multiple sectors, including Financial services, Education, Agriculture, Construction, Media, Retail, Cosmetics, and Not-for-profit. He was formerly a derivatives broker and hedge fund consultant at ICAP in London and New York, where he advised clients like Merrill Lynch and UBS on trading strategies.

He started his consulting career under the guidance of the former head of both Mckinsey’s Connecticut office and its Micro Economics practice. As a consultant, some of Jeremy’s biggest successes include developing a $300 million market entry plan for a consortium of Chinese SOEs, identifying a R$6.5 million supply chain cost-savings opportunity for a market leading Brazilian equipment leasing company and developing a customized strategy optimization platform for a consortium of IP law firms.

Jeremy is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, has a BA in War Studies with Applied Computing from King’s College, University of London, and an MBA from Manchester Business School, with a thesis on the application of outranking methodologies to corporate risk management dilemmas. 

Alex Taylor   |   data engineer

Alex is an operational research analyst and data reconciliation specialist who helps clients tackle complex data processing and analytics challenges.

With over 20 years of experience in the field, he understands the difficulties companies face in managing complex data. By bringing world-class data engineering and problem-solving skills to bear on marketing, operational and financial reporting and data challenges, he helps clients cut costs and drive revenue growth.

Alex has extensive IT and consulting experience across a variety of sectors, including banking, transport, retail, advertising, recruitment, government and real estate. He has deep technical programming, database and mainframe knowledge, and is fluent with Access/VBA, SQL Server, SAS, COBOL, DOS, Mainframe (OS/2), SAS, JCL, and NDM.

Some of his biggest career successes include the creation of a multi-departmental management information system for a leading financial services company, building a traffic impact forecasting system for London’s airports, and managing the development of reconciliation systems for two key jurisdictions in a $250 million global banking integration project.

Alex has a BSc in Statistics, Computing, Operational Research and Economics from UCL, and an MSc in Operational Research from the London School of Economics.

Chuck Cassie   |   business process engineer

Chuck Cassie is a business process and systems engineer who works with growing companies to help them identify and tackle operational challenges.

Chuck understands the difficulties of growing a company while staying focused on both its founding mission and culture. Sensitive to the potential problems of inappropriate 3rd party systems, he works with clients to identify and implement the most elegant solution to clients’ operational challenges, whether off-the-shelf or custom built.

He has broad experience in a number of industry verticals, including engineering, defence, manufacturing and hospitality. A decorated former combat engineer and geomatics expert with the Canadian military, Chuck is also a Six-Sigma black belt and holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Carlton University.

Some examples of his many career achievements include:
– Developing a unique mapping system for the Canadian military in Afghanistan, resulting in a significant improvement to battle group situational awareness and safety
– Reducing labour-hours by 15% in a leading technology manufacturer, through the development of a restructured workflow and new project management tools
– Designing and implementing a customized inventory control system for a hospitality company
– Managing a $7M factory, with 10,000m2 of shop floor and 20+ workers, producing up to 20 tons of finished steel product per day

In addition to his engineering related qualifications, Chuck is also fluent with several computer programming languages, including C++, Perl, MySQL and Matlab, and also modelling tools such as ProEngineer & ProMecanica (Creo), SolidWorks, Autodesk Algor, Fluent, Gambit and Slic3r.

Kate DeWitt   |   market researcher

Kate DeWitt is a market development and research specialist, who helps businesses identify their core value proposition and reach their ideal market.

She understands the challenges faced by companies operating in a dynamic marketplace, and works with clients to help them confidently enter new markets, whether directly or through channels.

She has industry and consulting experience across multiple sectors including start-ups, retail, education, not-for-profit,  and local government. Some of her biggest achievements include developing an efficiency saving plan for a major state social funding program, co-founding an award winning retailing business,  and managing a start-up marketing campaign that resulted in sufficient seed-capital to launch, and a captive consumer base. 

Kate holds a B.A. in political science and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree with concentration in management and data analysis from the The College of Charleston.