Human Resources Case Study

Business Simulation, Game-Based Learning
Case Study: Executive Education
The Challenge
A CAC 40 company, Essilor designs, manufactures and distributes ophthalmic lenses and equipment for eye care professionals in more than 100 countries, with 64,000 employees across 69 countries. With an acquisition-based strategy focused on high growth markets, there is a need to deliver high-quality, result-focused management training programs that help improve management standards in the foreign subsidiaries.
Training Requirements
In the recently acquired Brazilian subsidiary, the CFO and head of HR were looking for a management training program that:
  1. was engaging and ‘hands-on’ and not dry or teacher centered
  2. would help the participants better understand the cycle of business planning, decision-making and execution in a competitive and dynamic environment
  3. would deepen understanding of the different roles performed by different functions
  4. would improve cooperation and alignment between managers from different departments
Distance Learning Format
The training was targeted at 80 participants working across ten different offices throughout Brazil, and there was no time for the typical 2-3 day off-site course.

As such, the course was structured to be delivered remotely, and by cutting down the administrative overhead, Essilor was able to increase the number of participants to 150.

This particular course was composed of 30 teams of 5 students and took place over 10 weeks, with each team working together 2-3 hours per week on planning and submitting decisions.

The course teaching was delivered via live video and was streamed using Essilor’s existing communications infrastructure.
Outcome of the Course
Testimonial from Paulo, CFO, Essilor Brazil

“As the project sponsor, I had to first articulate the internal need for this style of training, then learn more about the game itself from both the perspective of instructors and students, and then work with HR on implementation. I'm really happy with the way everything turned out - it was a great success.

I think the beauty of business games like this is that the participants 'learn by doing', especially as they are working in teams, and seeing the direct impact of the decisions they make. It is so much better than the typical teaching methods, where you just sit in a class taking notes from a teacher and staring at slides. In addition, because the game can be accessed through an online portal, we could involve many more of our workforce than we had originally budgeted for, so the benefits of participating - namely thinking strategically and understanding the strategic importance of your daily role - was spread to more people in the company.

I can say with confidence that we exceeded our goals with this training exercise, particularly in relation to the number of participants and their level of engagement. The game wouldn't have happened without the support of HR and the corporate comms team who were great. The participants loved it. I know that our partnership with the HFX Training team dramatically exceeded initial expectations and I hope that we continue to work together in the future.”