Our Expertise

With academic and professional backgrounds in finance, statistics, computer science, engineering, and operations research, our team has more than 50 years of combined experience in helping business owners and senior executives profitably resolve strategic challenges. Read more below about our core expertise in data science and analytics, strategy and training.
Data Science & Analytics
At the heart of our solutions lies a deep expertise in data engineering and analysis, which equips us to help you profitably navigate the challenges and opportunities of big data.
Data Gathering & Consolidation
  1. Data Scraping
  2. Data Deduplication
  3. Data Aggregation
Data Enrichment & Visualization
  1. ERP & CRM Interfaces
  2. Data Migration
  3. Customized KPI Dashboards
Risk Management Analytics
  1. Demand / Revenue / Cost / Supply Trend Analysis and Forecasting
  2. Stochastic Analytics
  3. Multi-Criteria Decision Analytics
Decision Automation & Machine Learning
  1. Commercial Strategy Optimization
  2. Operations Strategy Optimization
  3. Pricing Automation
We are experts in business strategy, with extensive industry and consulting experience across multiple sectors. This ensures that our solutions are practical and aligned with your larger strategic vision.
Market Research
  1. Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys
  2. Structured Interviews & Questionnaires
  3. Decision Conferencing
Strategy Planning
  1. Scenario Planning
  2. Ecosystem Analysis
  3. Value Chain Analysis
  4. Value-at-Risk Mapping
  5. RIsk/Opportunity Scoring and Ranking
  2. Market Entry, Business Development, Operations
Project Valuations
  1. 5 year Pro Formas
  2. Project Estimated Net Present Value
  3. Sensitivity and Breakeven Analysis
We are experts in multi-media, cloud-based, and mobile friendly training solutions that teach you to think and act strategically.
Flexible and Engaging
  1. Business Simulations
  2. Game-Based Learning
  3. Corporate & Academic Curricula
Hard Skills Training
  1. Marketing Management
  2. Production Management
  3. Human Resources Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Strategic Management
Soft Skills Training
  1. Leadership and Teamwork
  2. Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  3. Agile Thinking
jennifer, md, Pampeano
"With their consulting experience and analytical know-how, Jeremy and his team were able to identify different potential strategic responses, determine break-even points and expected ROI, and help us with implementation. They are a great team, and I would highly recommend them to any senior exec needing help with strategy development."
Diogo, Operations Manager, Mills Engenharia
"HFX enabled us to restructure our approach to materials resource planning, by applying financial and statistical analytics to our SAP data to optimize inventory levels and drive efficiency savings in our supply chain."
Paulo, CFO and project sponsor, Essilor
"I think the beauty of business games like this is that the participants 'learn by doing', especially as they are working in teams, and seeing the direct impact of the decisions they make. Because the game can be accessed through an online portal, we could involve many more of our workforce than we had originally budgeted for, so the benefit of participating was spread to more people in the company. I can say with confidence that we exceeded our goals with this training exercise, particularly in relation to the number of participants and their level of engagement."
João, Marketing Manager & game participant, Essilor
“There was so much information that needed to be processed that you couldn't make decisions based on hunches or instinct - we had to develop our own financial models in order to create sales, profit and cashflow forecasts. Even the seemingly simplest decisions required deep study and needed to be worked through in a spreadsheet based model and discussed in the team.”
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