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We apply technology-based solutions to various business challenges and functions, including Market Entry, Commercial, Operations and HR. Keep reading to find out exactly how our data science & analytics, strategy and training expertise can positively impact your business.
Market Entry
New Geography Feasibility Studies
New Vertical Feasibility Studies
Backward / Forward Integration Feasibility Studies

To sustain revenue growth rates, you may be looking to enter new markets. Whether you are looking to expand internationally, or integrate vertically or horizontally, we are experienced in developing detailed roadmaps so that you can make your move with confidence.

Market Research >>>
  1. Surveys and Interviews
  2. Data Gathering, Harmonization and Analytics
Ecosystem Analytics >>>
  1. Competitors, Compliments and Partners
  2. Risk Analytics
  3. Scenario Planning
Budget & Forecasting
  1. CAPEX & OPEX projections
  2. Project Estimated Net Present Value Analytics
  3. Sensitivity and Breakeven Analytics
Commercial / Business Development
Marketing & Sales
Product Development

Given your responsibility for making the right marketing, sales and product development decisions, you are keenly aware of the budget allocation dilemma: Which demand segments should you target and where? With our expertise, you can be confident that you are optimizing your commercial strategy with data-driven marketing, sales and product development budgeting and management.

Data analytics >>>
  1. Lead Generation
  2. CRM Enrichment
  3. Decision Conferencing
  4. Ecosystem 'God View'
  5. Target Scoring & Ranking
  1. T&E Optimization
  2. Sales Budgets & Management
  3. Marketing Budgets & Management
  4. Product Development Budgets & Management
Marketing AI
  1. Solution Design
  2. Solution Implementation
Risk Mapping
Process Optimization
Network Design
Inventory Management

Business operations are a complex and dynamic system, made up of multiple, interconnected processes. We help manage this complexity by quantifying supply chain performance, mapping and prioritizing operational risks, and identifying effective solutions.

Data analytics >>>
  1. ERP Interfacing
  2. Decision Conferencing
  3. Value at Risk Mapping, Scoring and Ranking
  4. Transport vs Fixed Cost Analytics
  5. Inventory Pareto Analytics
  6. Safety Stock and Reorder Point Analytics
  1. Resource Allocation Optimization
  2. Operations Budgets & Management
  3. Supply Network Redesign Valuations
  4. Inventory / Working Capital Cost Analytics
Operations AI
  1. Solution Design
  2. Solution Implementation
Executive Training
Talent Selection

Developing a new generation of managers equipped to tackle the complexity of the modern business environment is no easy task. We take the pain out of the process with technology-supported training solutions that help you identify and nurture your future leaders.

Executive Training >>>
  1. Needs Analysis
  2. Hard & Soft Skill Development
Game Based Learning >>>
  1. Classroom Based
  2. Remote Training
  1. Talent Identification
  2. Solution Design
  3. Solution Implementation
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