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"I love HFX's training software. It’s clean, the decisions are easy to understand, and it’s something that is scalable to my needs."

hfx training client

"With their consulting experience and analytical know-how, Jeremy and his team were able to identify different potential strategic responses, determine break-even points and expected ROI, and help us with implementation."

HFX Analytics Client

"Without a doubt – and I have worked here for 5 years – this is the best training I have ever done."

HFX Training Client

"This training exposes you to the consequences of your decisions. Ultimately, you learn the importance of information and it's intelligent application to the success of the organization."

hfx training client

"HFX enabled us to restructure our approach to materials resource planning, by applying financial and statistical analytics to our SAP data to optimize inventory levels and drive efficiency savings in our supply chain."

HFX Analytics Client

"This training helped me better understand how to assess my options before taking a business decision: I learned that strategic decisions involve various interrelated factors that need to be considered holistically."

HFX Training Client
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