About HFX

About HFX

The heart of business success lies in effective decision making.

But strategic decision making is a challenge. In order to effectively navigate dilemmas in what is inevitably a complex and dynamic commercial landscape, you need the right skills and the right tools.

HFX helps refine business decision making and drive bottom-line growth with a portfolio of world-class analytics and training solutions.



Today there is no shortage of business intelligence tools that help businesses improve strategic decision making. With new technologies emerging all the time, even the largest organizations struggle to identify and implement the right solution to their specific needs. And technology providers themselves often lack the bandwidth and scale to efficiently connect with their market and ideal client. HFX Technologies evolved to fill this gap.

Part management consultancy, part technology distributor, HFX helps connect businesses with the technologies they need to compete, grow, and thrive.

HFX Analytics & Training

We help industry clients identify, adopt and get value from best-of-breed analytical and training technologies. 

HFX Tech Partners

We help enterprise tech providers monetize their technology with our full spectrum business development solutions.

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