Business leaders need practice.

So does your training program.

Business leaders can’t be made without practice. To develop real ability, students of business, whether in school or on the job, can accelerate their development with “learning by doing” through simulation-based training.

Simulation-Based Training, Made Easy

We offer a portfolio of simulation-based training solutions that help your learners build real-world skills that have real-world impact. Our solutions are ideal for executive fast-track, professional development, team-building, and sales training and are designed to develop relevant qualitative and quantitative skills for executives in any industry.

A Corporate Learning Environment, Transformed


In partnership with HR leadership, HFX provided online, distance learning management training to 150 employees across ten offices, designed to enhance strategic, management, & decision-making skills of top and middle management.

Customized Solutions

Our solutions can be adapted to any learning context, duration, and delivery format – for corporate and academic training

Testimonial Slide

"I love HFX's training software. It’s clean, the decisions are easy to understand, and it’s something that is scalable to my needs."

hfx training client

"This training exposes you to the consequences of your decisions. Ultimately, you learn the importance of information and it's intelligent application to the success of the organization."

HFX Training Client

"Without a doubt – and I have worked here for 5 years – this is the best training I have ever done."

HFX Training Client

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