If you build it, will they come? Perspectives on building a winning Martech Stack

In a recent post, you heard us mention that the average martech stack size varies from 15-50 platforms. While marketers seem universally intent on reducing that number, either through consolidation or integration, the simple truth is that today we all rely upon a variety of different platforms to get us where we want to be in the B2B marketing sphere.

Definition: A Martech Stack is a collection of technologies from various companies that help you attract and maintain customers

With that in mind, how do you optimize your marketing technology stack and ensure that you’re marrying your proven, essential platforms with cutting-edge adaptions that can help take you to the next level? More to the point, how do you prioritize, manage, and drive results with the mix of technologies you choose?

Below, we’ve put together what we think is some of the best advice on building a winning martech stack from around the web.

Stein IAS & B2B Marketing Prioritized Martech Stack Framework

Stein IAS Framework for building a prioritized tech stack

This framework was developed by Stein IAS based on its work with clients around the world and with martech providers and analysts. For the most part, more and more companies today have Layer 1 firmly in place, with a focus on measurement, content generation tool, and CRM/Lead Automation. Marketers adding Layer 2 are generally focused on predictive tools, but data management platforms that allow for customized audience targeting are also a critical enhancement that marketers are less and less likely to go without. Finally, strategic add-ons provide a way to customize your stack to your unique needs, and build value in the martech stack by amplifying marketers’ ability to deliver customized, scalable engagement.

NG Data’s 101 Tips for Building Your Martech Stack

While they don’t provide an actual stack model to follow, NG Data has you covered if you’re dealing with a broader array of head-scratching questions. The site gathers 101 tips from top marketers, MarTech authorities, leading software and technology providers, and other experts in the field. The tips are arranged by category, including Analytics, Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Email Marketing Tips.

Forbes’ 4 Tips for Prioritizing Your Martech Stack

Forbes keep it short and sweet with a set of four, straightforward, but still useful, tips for building your martech stack.

(1) Invest the time in researching solutions

This one sounds simple but is still very much a challenge. Between the ever-expanding complexity of the martech landscape of vendors, and the continued expansion of functionality within solutions, identifying the right platforms for you will require time and perhaps an industry analyst to help cipher through the pros and cons.

Pro tip: Most vendors who are leaders in the space offer free analyst reports in exchange for your name and email address.

(2) Evaluate your inbound channels

In midst of new technologies with new approaches to growth, the foundation of your marketing is built on your ability to drive leads for sales – so your martech stack needs to prioritize solutions that bolster the inbound channels driving the most leads.

(3) Achieve Sales and Content Integration

Consider tools that help integrate content assets and offers with sales activities – this means leveraging martech solutions so that you can engage with prospects properly.

(4) Prioritize Personalization

Customers want to know you understand them and their needs, so tools that can deliver a contextual or customized experience for prospects are a must.


Building an effective martech stack is an excellent example of how an intelligent tech procurement strategy can be a game changer for your business. Our team specializes in technology integrations, migrations and interfaces, helping clients identify opportunities and drive profit growth. If you want to learn more, contact us.

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