Decision Conferencing at a glance

Decision Conferencing at a glance

In the world of strategy and planning, aligning any initiative, solution, or goal with the hard-earned expertise and know-how of your core team is absolutely crucial. We tell our clients this all the time: We know that a solution is only as good as the degree to which it is aligned with your unique strategic DNA. But extracting team know-how and building consensus is no small task. One way to help move the process along? Decision Conferencing.

Decision conferencing is a tool that brings key stakeholders together with the goal of removing knowledge silos, fostering consensus building, and promoting transparency. When done right, it can help bring any topic to new light, and provide a valid, actionable, and measurable approach to better business performance.

We’ve boiled down the core elements of decision conferencing in the infographic below, as well as some of the key benefits that can decision conferencing has to offer. So keep scrolling, delve in, and be sure to post comments and questions below.

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